Economic Security Department

The Economic Security Department is made up of the expertise, skills and human resources of the Institute of Studies and Research for Business Security (IERSE).

 As a result of the conclusions of Alain Bauer's report "Detect-Study-Train: a new path for strategic research" submitted on March 20 2008 to the President of the French Republic and the Prime Minister on research and training in the field of security and strategy, and the conclusions of the white paper on national security of January 2008, the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security (INHES) and the Institute for Study and Research for Business Security (IERSE) merged in January 2010 to form the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ), the first national Institute under the supervision of the Prime Minister for the development of expertise on the matter of global security for the benefit of the public and private sectors.

Alongside running a dynamic research policy on themes linked to security/business safety and economic intelligence, it provides high-level training on these same themes. The global and multi-disciplinary nature of the training, studies and all of its research is a key feature of the department.

In the context of the training courses it offers, the department also has links with the following organisations; SKEMA, CIGREF, CDPS, USP and CDSE.


  • a specialised national session "Business protection and Economic intelligence"
  • specialisation courses
  • expertise courses
  • tailored training courses

The Economic Security Department is a forum for considering the future and at the same time a place for exchanges between administrations and businesses. It participates in debate and spreading knowledge and awareness about economic security and contributes to improving the vision which private and public sectors have of each other.

To this end, the department manages a special collection which allows it to fuel joint thinking on these problems of national importance.


The Economic Security Department is directed by Eric Delbecque. 

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Eric Delbecque - Brief Biography

Eric Delbecque directs the Economic Security Department of the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ). He is a member of the scientific council CSFRS. He was director of the Institute for Study and Research for Business Security (IERSE), a consultant at ADIT (French national society of strategic intelligence) and head of economic intelligence operations and crisis communication at a branch of financial services company Rothschild. He also teaches at the ENA, a college for senior civil servants. Finally, he is a consultant for the French Management Improvement Association (APM). He is the author of the following: Vers une souveraineté industrielle ? Secteurs stratégiques et mondialisation (Vuibert),[1] L’insécurité, un scandale français (L’oeuvre éditions), L’influence ou les guerres secrètes. De la propagande à la manipulation (Vuibert),[2] Le leadership de l’incertitude ou la Renaissance des organisations (Vuibert),[3] La métamorphose du pouvoir. La chance des civilisations (Vuibert),[4] Quel patriotisme économique ? (PUF), L’intelligence économique: une nouvelle culture pour un nouveau monde (PUF), L’Europe puissance ou le Rêve français. Chroniques de la guerre des mondes (Éditions des Syrtes), Les Chants de guerre. Par-delà droite et gauche ou Prométhée délivré (Éditions du Rocher).[5]


[1] Title translation: Towards industrial sovereignty? Strategic sectors and globalisation (Vuibert),

[2] Title translation Insecurity, a French scandal (L’oeuvre), Influence or secret wars. From propaganda to manipulation (Vuibert),

[3] Title translation Leadership in the unknown or a Renaissance for organisations (Vuibert),

[4] Title translation The metamorphosis of power. Civilisation's chance (Vuibert),

[5] Title translation: What economic patriotism? (PUF), Economic intelligence: a new culture for a new world (PUF), European superpower of the French dream. Chronicals of the war of the worlds (Éditions des Syrtes), Battle songs. Left, right and centre or Prometheus delivered (Éditions du Rocher).


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L’Institut national des hautes études de la sécurité et de la justice (INHESJ) propose une gamme étendue de formations, au profit des acteurs publics et privés de la sécurité, de la justice et du monde économique.



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