Research and Studies Department

The Research and Studies Department of the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ) provides expertise, in-depth analysis and training materials on strategic issues in the fields of security and justice to strengthen public knowledge, and support high-level officials and public or private actors in their missions. 

Our department has developed studies on behalf of public structures or in response to national and international calls for tender. We are currently focusing on three main priority theme areas:

  • Terrorism and violent radicalization
  • Illicit trafficking and transnational crime
  • Police institutions and population relationships

Our multi-disciplinary team of researchers works in close collaboration with national and international institutional partners, research institutes and universities to share knowledge and best practices, and explore recommendations for more effective policies and prevention programs.

Since 2014, the department is led by Mrs. Noémie Nathan, former investigating judge at the financial pole of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris. Mrs. Nathan was then in charge of the Office on Cybercrime.