National Session on Security and Justice

Since it was created in 1990, INHESJ has offered a national session to allow a top-level audience, interested in security and justice issues, to learn the current risks and threats or to deepen their knowledge. This has been called the "National Security and Justice Session" since the 22nd time it was held in September 2010.

The national session's main objective is to share knowledge on the themes of security and justice through analysing the risks and threats and the responses to be implemented in order to address them. At the end of this training, the participants will gain a solid knowledge of the threats, measures and responses, reinforce their analytical skills and their ability to master and manage crises, thereby increasing national resilience.

The national session "Security and Justice" gathers together around 100 participants from various socio-professional categories from the public and private sectors, freelancers or people who carry out high-level roles in the field of public or private security and law or who need to be aware of what is at stake with a particular issue. It also unites senior civil servants, senior management from the public and private sector, national, local or professional elected officials and representatives from liberal professions. Participants from the Ministry of the Interior Centre for Advanced Studies (CHEMI), also participate in the session.

The session is organised in monthly seminars of four days per month, running from the end of September to the end of June. They start with the general topic of current affairs - the central theme that ensures the sessions are coherent. The topic for the 24th year (2012-2013) is: "Crises and criminal phenomena: intelligence, planning and response of the justice system" is delivered through conferences, case studies, group work, participation in security and justice tasks as an observer and study trips. The participants also belong to working groups which write a joint report expressing recommendations on the themes defined during each session.

In accordance with the guidelines of the White paper on defence and national security, INJESJ's and IHEDN's (French Institute of Higher National Defence Studies) national sessions now offer participants a joint seminar and joint conferences.