Introduction to the ONDRP

The French National Supervisory Body on Crime and Punishment (ONDRP) is a department of the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice. It has an advisory board responsible for ensuring it is independent. Its main activity is the production and dissemination of statistics on crime and delinquency. The ONDRP carries out its activities in the context of public statistics and the European Statistics Code of Practice.

One of the ONDRP's key tasks is the collection of statistics on delinquency from all ministerial departments and public or private bodies with direct or indirect knowledge of instances of harm to persons or property.

To this end, it analyses and disseminates data on crimes and offences recorded by police services and national gendarmerie units. With INSEE, the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, it prepares and processes the national victimisation survey "Cadre de vie et sécurité[1]". It is also responsible for producing studies on the development of criminal phenomena using an approach which takes information from a variety of sources and, as of January 1, 2010, integrating into the studies data on the criminal justice response produced by the ministry of Justice.

It regularly issues publications to communicate the results of its studies.

The department is directed by Christophe Soullez.


Christophe Soullez - Biography

Christophe Soullez has been the departmental head of the French National Supervisory Body on Crime and Punishment since January 1, 2004, which sits within the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ). Before this, he served as committee leader for many local authorities. He is also in charge of education at the French National Gendarmerie Academy (EOGN), the French National Police Academy (ENSP), the University of Paris II and the Clermont-Ferrand IPAG (Preparatory Institution for General Administration). He is also involved with the French National School for the Judiciary (ENM) and the University of Paris V. He has authored and co-authored several works: "Urban violence" (Milan, 1999), "Security lexicon" (PUF, 2001), "The police in France" (Milan, 2000), "Insecurity: the truth!" (JC Lattès, 2002), "Security strategies" (PUF 2007), "Urban violence and insecurity" (PUF, QSJ, 2010), Police and Gendarmerie records" (PUF, 2009) and "Criminal statistics and victimisation surveys" (PUF, 2011). He is a rapporteur for the working group on improving police and gendarmerie records (order of April 15 2010). He was a member of the working group on day-to-day security in 2007 (chaired by Michel Gaudin). He was also a rapporteur for the working group on improving control of access to automatic processing of data from the Ministry of Justice and Liberties (January 2011), the task force on violence in schools, sanctions and the role of the family (2010), the working group for customs records (2010) and the task force for aligning the tasks, structures and funding methods of public institutions in charge of training, research and analysis into security and strategic matters (2008).


The Advisory Board (COR)

The Advisory Board is independent and responsible for deciding and outlining choices and approaches for objectives, studies and research for the ONDRP's areas of competence and its tasks.


ONDRP Training Partners and Sites

The ONDRP's partners provide assistance with regard to instances of crime and delinquency recorded within their scope.




[1] Security Survey


Les publications

Alain BAUER, Christohe SOULLEZ
Magazine de la Préfecture de Police - Numéro Spécial 1912-2012 - Dans les coulisses de la Crim'
LIAISONS – Septembre 2012

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