About the Institute

Created by Decree no. 2009-1321 of October 28 2009, the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ) is a national public administrative institution under the supervision of the French prime minister. The institution is based at the military school of Paris. It is the successor of INHES, the French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security, and IHESI, the French Institute for Advanced Studies in national Security, created in 1989.

INHESJ intervenes in the areas of training, study, research, intelligence and strategic analysis related to national, sanitary, environmental and economic security and also in matters related to justice and legal affairs.

INHESJ's primary tasks are to:

  • unite high-level officials, magistrates and executives from civil and military public services as well as from the nation's various industries, European Union member states or other states, with a view to strengthening their shared knowledge on matters of security;
  • prepare top-level French and foreign executives working in the research areas covered by the Institute to take on senior personnel responsibilities;
  • promote and disseminate any useful knowledge on the matter of national, sanitary, environmental and economic security and justice.
    The Institute cooperates with other organisations in charge of sharing knowledge on the matter of national security, defence and justice.

In the areas falling within its scope, the Institute may conduct studies and research, alone or in cooperation with other French or foreign organisations. It may offer its expertise to ministries and higher education and research establishments. Working with the minister for higher education, the Institute contributes to promoting university courses on the issues of national, sanitary, environmental and economic security, law and justice.

In addition, the Institute is responsible for studying statistical changes for the whole criminal process, the facts established by court decisions, the enforcement of sentences and criminal sanctions as well as reoffending within an internal structure the "French National Supervisory Body on Crime and Punishment" (ONDRP).

Each year the Institute organises training programmes:

  • a generalist national session Security and Justice,
  • a specialised national session  Business protection and Economic intelligence,
  • regional "Youth" sessions,
  • specialised training sessions on the matters of crisis management, cybercrime and private security.

The Institute may organise any training courses, improvement or study courses related to its tasks.

INHESJ is contributing to the preparation of the next white paper on defence and national security.
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The Institute is eligible for apprenticeship tax payments.
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Consultation du fonds documentaire de l'INHESJ

La documentation de l'INHESJ est accessible dans les locaux du Centre de Documentation de l'École Militaire (CDEM), Bâtiment 12.

La consultation des documents est accessible uniquement sur rendez vous pris auprès de Mme Anissa Belgacem :

01 76 64 85 09 anissa.belgacem@inhesj.fr


L’INHESJ met à disposition  des ressources documentaires composées de travaux d’études et de recherches  réalisés d'initiative ou à la demande des pouvoirs publics.


Les travaux des auditeurs des sessions nationales sont également  accessibles.
Ces documents sont consultables uniquement  sur place dans les salles de lectures du Centre de Documentation de l'École Militaire (CDEM).


Les horaires d'ouverture sont :

Lundi : 14h00 à 18h00
Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi : 8h30 à 18h00
Vendredi : 8h30 à 17h00.


Location amphithéâtre
et salle de réception

Vous souhaitez organiser une conférence, un colloque, un séminaire,....

L'INHESJ vous propose un espace moderne, facilement accessible.
3, avenue du Stade de France 
Saint-Denis La Plaine (93200)

dans un immeuble contemporain
"les Borromées".