Grand Angle

Grand Angle # 35: Characteristics of homicides committed in Paris and the inner suburbs and its main results (graphics)
Grand Angle # 32: armed robberies of legal public bodies in the trade sector between 2006 and 2011
Grand Angle # 33: Profile of individuals accused of non-road related crimes and offences in 2009 and 2010 on the territory of parisian police headquarters

Flash Crim

Short and concise, "FlashCrim" collection presents the most recent findings of the surveys "living environments and security", police or judicial statistics in a duplex page, shedding light on a specific aspect of a remarkable phenomenon.

FlashCrim #1: A fall in armed robberies in the retail sector
FlashCrim #2: Homicide rate in France and Germany down by close to 60 % in 20 years


Note of the ONDRP

4 pages, it aims to give the reader a synthetic light on a problem related to delinquency.

Note of the ONDRP #1: Do people find witnessing drug-related activities in their district bothersome ?
Note of the ONDRP #2: Witnessing excessive alcool consomption in the neighbourhood and discomfort
Note of the ONDRP#3: The profile of households victims of burglary


The collection "Focus" consists of studies either on cartographic analysis of crimes recorded by the police and gendarmerie units on either thematic studies ...

Focus # 7: theft of metals in metropolitan France in 2010


Indicators annual report

This is to check for any indicator, such as property crimes or offenses revealed by security services, any intermediate category, such as theft without violence or violations of the law on narcotics ...

2011 Indicators annual report

Annual report

The last analyses on the criminality in France, with: the most recent results of the inquiries of victimation, the criminal or criminal facts recorded by police services and units of gendarmerie An overview of the other available sources (customs, justice, public transport, national federation solidarity women, professional bodies, inquiries of victimation abroad, etc.)



After "Results and Methods" in 2004 and "Wide Angle" in 2005, the ONDRP created a third type of publication "Landmarks" in 2006. This new information note is intended as a look at a cyclical current affairs or infra-annual statistical developments. It therefore includes concise information and some framing elements on the subject studied.

Lexicon of terms used

Methodological dictionnary

Crime survey and état 4001